Burn Extra 300 Calories a Day

1. Dance – Join aerobics classes near you or simply tune in to a workout playlist in your favorite music app and have some dance at home. Shake your body for one hour. You will burn up to 300 calories.

2. Walk – Avoid sitting down at one place for longer and take some walk. Have a brisk walk for an hour and 21 minutes to burn 303 calories. Seems boring? Split it up into five 20-minute quick sessions throughout the day. Walk your dog, walk to work, or exercise your legs on treadmill.

3. Stand up – Have desk job? Be sure to stand for a total of 2 hours and 20 minutes throughout a day to burn 303 calories.

4. Clean up – Scrub, mop, setup furniture, vacuum, and de-clutter your space to keep your home in excellent condition to burn 301 calories within an hour and half.

5. Keep running – Go out with your dog or kids, play soccer, or just run around for 34 minutes to burn 308 calories.

6. Lace up the skates – Live up your childhood memories again with outdoor or indoor ice skating for 38 minutes to burn 302 calories.

7. Stretch yourself – You can burn 300 calories with fast-paced vinyasa yoga for an hour and 7 minutes. Perform morning and evening yoga sessions yourself or take a class of power yoga.

8. Jumping Jack – Do jumping jacks for four minutes by setting an alarm every hour. It is the fastest way to burn 300 calories or more in 8 mini sessions to uplift your mood.

9. Skiing – It is fun-filled adventure activity which doesn’t feel like hard work. Within 45 minutes, you can burn up to 306 calories within just 45 minutes.

10. Jump – Even if you don’t have jump rope, you can still jump for at least 13 minutes two times a day to burn 310 calories.

10-Minute Fat Burning Workout Program

1. Superset Compound Movements. First, consider doing supersets, alternating back and forth as you go about your workout routine. A superset is where you perform all reps of one exercise and then immediately move into all the reps for another activity. Once both are complete, rest and then repeat.

Stack two or three supersets back to back, so you are continually alternating between them as you go about your workout routine. As an added benefit, this will help boost your cardiovascular fitness level as well.

2. Try Reps For Time. Another way to create a time-efficient fat burning workout is to do reps for time. With this protocol, you are going to perform as many reps as possible for a set period – usually one minute total. As it is tough to achieve a strength training exercise for 60 seconds straight, you are going to get a good deal of lactic acid build-up while doing this. You will find you will be able to train your body to keep working despite fatigue. Then when you go back to doing straight sets, it will feel more comfortable.

Reps for time is an excellent intensity technique to help you burn fat faster.

3. Alternate Cardio And Strength Moves. Finally, you might consider alternating cardio and strength based moves as you go about your workout program. This means performing…

  • a set of burpees,
  • mountain climbers,
  • running on the spot or
  • jumping jacks

interspersed with strength-based moves like…

  • squats,
  • deadlifts,
  • walking lunges,
  • shoulder press,
  • bent over rows, or push-ups.

By doing this, you work both areas of your fitness at once and can decrease the total requirement for rest even further. If you were just to make strength-based moves, you would likely need 30 seconds of rest every so often, but if you then transition to a cardio based movement, you may be able to avoid that.

Stop Postponing Your Exercise Plan

More often than not these plans remain plans or ideas. There is plenty of vision behind them. But the execution or most crucial part tends to be lacking.

It is easy to procrastinate or postpone. It takes willpower to stand up and get dressed in athletic gear and make it out of your home when the alternative is frequently more appealing. It is hard to exercise – mainly when it is not a habit in your life.

However, these are not good reasons to avoid doing what you must. You share the same condition as every individual, which is to be healthy you must be active. It does not matter if it is only a few times a week, but you need to get your weekly doses of physical activity…

  • your body needs it.
  • your heart needs the light cardio to stay strong, and to keep your cardiovascular system in good shape.
  • you need to burn some calories now and then to help with weight management. you need to exercise your muscles and strengthen your bones.

Do not underestimate the benefits of weight training and know it is a necessity on its own in the long-term. What is more is all of this helps with disease prevention, like…

  • Type 2 diabetes,
  • heart disease, and the
  • Metabolic syndrome.

It is not a coincidence there is overlap between these conditions. By postponing your exercise plan, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to these health problems.

Do not postpone any longer. There has never been a better time than now to get started. Do not worry about the rest of the month or the rest of the week. Just take it one workout at a time. Start with small steps. Once it is done, you know you will be glad you did. Not only does it feel great to exercise, but also to take care of yourself.

Stop postponing your exercise plan.

Do Planks Daily

Location, Location, Location

While the plank can be done by anyone, it can also be done anywhere. There are no limitations and this allows you to be free. In the office, at the park, out in nature, at the gym, in your garage, or wherever you choose. I recall doing a plank on the Roberto Clemente bridge in Pittsburgh. By the way, it landed me a commercial. Take your plank wherever you go!

Anxiety Calm

Anxiety impacts millions of people each day, and while medication is often prescribed, there are natural ways to calm the body. Yes planks are an anti-anxiety natural remedy. Exercise serves as a distraction when you are under stress, and planks are one of the best to help calm the body. Get into a plank position and hold it for as long as you can, then lie down on the floor with your arms extended out in front of you. close your eyes and breathe deep for about 30 seconds, repeat the plank and the rest position until the anxiety is gone.

The Roof and Foundation

You wouldn’t attempt to build a house starting with the roof first. As crazy as this sounds, people do it daily in the fitness world. We spend hours on cardio and lifting weights, but very little time on our core. Your core is your foundation! Don’t put the roof on first, instead lay a strong foundation to build upon. By doing so, less injuries might occur, posture improves, movement is enhanced, and your lifestyle is free.